Pathways to Play
(2-5 years)

These preschool integrated play group uses theme based activities to combine sensory integration principles and the Integrated Play Group (IPG) model. The IPG model is a peer play intervention created by author and educator, Pamela J. Wolfberg. Each activity highlights the sensory areas being developed, and was created to help children develop social communication, peer interactions and sensory motor skills. Weekly sessions are 45 minutes long.

Bike Riding Clinics
(Ages 5 and up)

Are you struggling to teach your child to ride a bike?

Did your child have a bad experience trying to ride and you’re ready to give up? Our bike riding clinics are open to children ages 5 and up. Each participant must attend with a legal guardian, and bring their own bicycle and helmet. Fundamentals of bike safety will be discussed and weekly handouts will be provided. This group meets outdoors, twice a week for 45 minutes each time.

“Take Control”
(Pre-Teens and Adolescents)

Using the handbook, “Take Control of Asperger’s Syndrome: The Official Strategy Guide for Kids with Asperger’s syndrome and Non Verbal Learning Disorder” as a guide, the participants discuss living with the symptoms, succeeding in school, completing homework, talk to others about strengths and needs, making friends and socializing. Problem solving scenarios will be used, and practical suggestions will be shared. Handouts will be provided for participants and their caregivers. Weekly sessions are 45 minutes long.

Zones of Regulation
(Helps foster self-regulation and emotional control)

The Zones curriculum provides strategies to teach children to become more aware of, and independent in, controlling their emotions and impulses, managing their sensory needs and improving their ability to problem solve conflicts.

The Zones of Regulation incorporates Social Thinking concepts and numerous visuals to help students identify their feelings/level of alertness, understand how their behavior impacts those around them, and learn what tools they can use to regulate a more expected state. Weekly sessions are 45 minutes long.

This program is for ages 5 and up, and can be modified and adapted for individual sessions

“How Does Your Engine Run”
The Alert Program for Self Regulation

“Self Regulation is the ability to attain, change, or maintain an appropriate level of alertness for a task or situation”. Having the ability to change how alert we feel is the foundations of every goal a parent, teacher or therapist has for their children.

This innovative program supports children, parents and teachers in choosing appropriate strategies to change or maintain their state of alertness. Children learn strategies to be used at home, in school and during social interactions. The technique combines cognitions with sensory integration for increased recognitions of arousal level and self –regulation. Weekly sessions are 45 minutes long.

The Write Time
(Pre-K through age 10)

Customized handwriting groups using developmentally appropriate programs such as “Handwriting without Tears”, and “Loops and Other Groups”. Warm up activities and breaks will be provided. Weekly sessions are 45 minute long.

Acorns to Oaks
(6-18 months)

Infant/Parent Developmental Play Group

This program is a great opportunity for parents and caregivers to meet in a nurturing and child friendly setting. During each session, we will explore the sensory gyms, learn songs, rhymes, finger plays; and practice simple infant massage techniques. During this occupational therapist run group, parents can share questions and discuss how to support their child’s healthy development and growth. Handouts and recommended reading material will be available. Topics will include normal development, play, sleep and nutrition. Weekly sessions are 45 minutes long.

Sensational Connections
(18 months to 3 years)

This toddler exploration group includes warm up activities, sensory motor activities where children are encouraged to explore their environment and try out new skills; and a theme based craft activity to help develop fine motor skills. The activities are short, dynamic and fun with a clear sense of purpose. Your child will enjoy action-packed adventure in a multi-sensory environment. Weekly sessions are 45 minutes long.