Occupational Therapy Screening

At times it is unclear from an initial intake if a client has sensory integration difficulties and a screening may be recommended as a first step instead of a comprehensive evaluation. A comprehensive evaluation may be recommended if indicated by the screening.

A screening consists of one hour of assessment, and a feedback checklist is provided at the end of the screening. An occupational therapy screening for a specific treatment area or specific intervention may be appropriate.

Comprehensive Evaluations

OTAP offers comprehensive occupational therapy evaluations. The evaluation you receive depends on the unique needs of the child. At OTAP our experienced therapists are available to discuss which type of evaluation and treatment approach is appropriate.
Many children require a full, comprehensive evaluation in order to begin occupational intervention services. Our comprehensive evaluation requires a parent/caregiver interview, 2-4 hours of direct therapist time both administering standardized tests, and observation of the child in natural play in our sensory gyms. This evaluation will give you a complete picture your child’s motor and sensory processing needs. Recommendations for services and accommodations will be provided in a comprehensive detailed written report, and an evaluation feedback meeting. The assessment tools used for this evaluation vary depending on the child’s age, abilities and needs.

Diagnostic Occupational Therapy Evaluation

This evaluation requires 60-90 minutes of assessment time with parent feedback as part of the assessment time. It includes a brief two page written report. An evaluation feedback/goal-setting follow up meeting is recommended to review goals. Although this evaluation is not comprehensive, is sufficient to determine eligibility for occupational therapy services.