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"Probably the greatest lesson my son learned during his sessions at OTAP is how to feel comfortable in his own skin. He also learned the types of sensory input and body movements that are calming and organizing to him. This has helped him cope with his sensory integration issues and overcome his social anxiety. They do a phenomenal class called, “How Does Your Engine Run “ which changed our lives. The occupational therapists at OTAP also focused a great deal on parent education, so I could build on my son’s success and implement many of the strategies in our daily life. I would recommend OTAP to any family who is in need of the guidance and support of an occupational therapist."
- B.P. West Windsor
"Since my son started attending occupational therapy sessions at OTAP we have seen dramatic improvements in various areas such as fine motor skills and motor planning. These sessions have also given him confidence in trying out new things and have significantly contributed to his general development."
- Monroe Township Parent
"Our son received OT through OTAP for the past year and a half. Through the process, he has grown steadily in his strength and fine motor skills. My OT takes the time to get to know what his current strengths and skill deficits are by observing him and making it a point to speak with his school OT. She works with him during the session and then communicates to me any particular struggles or successes he may have had as well as to suggest home programs that may be beneficial to him. My husband and I value the interventions and knowledge-base that our OT brings to each interaction with our son."
- Princeton Parent
"We are grateful for the services OTAP has been able to provide during this difficult time. My son looks forward to his meetings and he is learning some key skills to help manage his emotions. He enjoys the connection with his therapist and I think it helps him to have this time since he is missing out on so many other connections with others."
- Telehealth Parent
"I can't say enough about the teletherapy that OTAP has been providing. I was worried that my son would regress during this time, but teletherapy has been amazing! Not only is he continuing to build on the great work he started in the clinic, but as a parent I'm learning more about what I can do every day (at home) to help enhance his growth even more."
- Telehealth Parent
"My 5 year old son began with OTAP 10 months ago, and to say it has changed our lives is an understatement. My son is very bright, curious and in constant motion. As a parent I was so frustrated at how someone so smart wouldn’t listen to simple instructions and would never slow down and just sit. My son seemed clumsy and would often bang into others while playing. This led to many one-time-only play dates for him. As a parent I was constantly heartbroken for him and equally frustrated. He was diagnosed with ADHD. I was the fortunate enough to meet the therapist’s at OTAP. My OT instructed me how to immediately begin helping my child with music therapy and many physical activities. We saw a difference within 2 months. He learned to treat his body like the engine of a car. This has been incredibly empowering for him. My son is now able to play with others and he is just like the other children. My whole household is calmer and he is an absolute joy to be around. I will always be thankful to the therapists at OTAP for giving us the tools we needed to help our amazing little boy."
- Hopewell Parent
"Like any mother, I want the best for my child. I want him to be healthy, happy, smart, social and confident in his abilities. Six months ago I was desperate for my son, Matthew to get help with his sensory integration issues. It affected his behavior at school, play and home. I was referred to OTAP. In the past six months I see in him a renewed exuberance to learn, a confidence that extends outside his appointments, and an increase in his gross and fine motor skills. I am constantly reminded on a daily basis of his improvements from his teachers, family and friends. They can’t believe how he has changed and grown. I will be forever grateful for the time, energy and love my OT puts into Matthew’s appointments. She has taken the time to listen to both Matthew and I, use her expertise to pinpoint areas where she can help, and follow through with praise. He receives appropriate, thoughtful homework exercises that he is excited to complete and show his OT each week. I feel like we have a great plan for the future; we have been given the tools to make his life the best possible one it could be. I could not be happier or more grateful. Thank You!"
- H.G. (Somerset Parent)

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